Going from a vision to final building can be a complex experience for anyone. We guide our clients throughout the process, and aim to achieve design excellence with each project we take on. Throughout the process, we utilize advanced technology to pursue cost-effective sustainable solutions.


Architectural Design

We design buildings at all scales, and work through Concept - Construction Administration. Here's a few project types:

  • Single & Multi-family Residential
  • Commercial & Mixed-use
  • Cultural & Institutional
  • Interiors & Exhibitions
  • Feasibility Studies & Planning
Micro unit facade design john klein.jpg

Design Visualization

We collaborate with architecture, engineer, product design and technology offices to provide two types of visualization services: 

  1. Visualization Packages: We visualize your designs
  2. Design Visualization: We collaborate with you to design and visualize the projects (facades, interiors, etc.)
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Product Design and Branding

We also apply our design processes to furniture, products and industrial design applications, and offer web design and graphic branding services.